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P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home

…a stunning estate overlooking the Arkansas River


Moss Mountain Farm is an outdoor, garden wedding and corporate retreat venue near Little Rock, AR.  Moss Mountain is a happy place filled with gardens, orchards, flower conservancies, river views and is the creation and home of America’s favorite garden designer, P. Allen Smith.  On select days, the Farm is open to events, including weddings.  

    We invite you to learn more about our mission and to join us on the mountain.

    Photo courtesy: Whitney Bower Photography

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    23700 Ross Hollow Rd. Roland, AR 72135

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    The only Wedding Venue designed and maintained by P. Allen Smith


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    An elegant tableau of orchards, manicured

    terraces and gardens

    Imagine Your Day in the Garden

    Beyond Extraordindary 

    Rather than being contained to an indoor hall, barn or lawn, your event will be held in a collection of garden rooms—think of a celebratory progressive party hosted in a succession of different gardens with champagne, canapés, flowers, music, laughter, family and friends surrounding you!

    Sheltered Spaces

    Expanded Event Options

    As the sun sets on Mr. Smith’s Garden Home, the lights of the Big Sister Oak come into greater focus, with their warm glow contrasting with a beautifully cool and transitioning Arkansas sky.  In addition to activities in our garden rooms, families may decide to host dinners, bands or parties within a tented environment or our Grange Hall dining room.  This combination and flexible outdoor-indoor space makes event transitions seamless and increases our Bride’s options.


    What People are Saying

    “A Golden Day”

    Thank you for making our dream of a one-of-a-kind wedding a reality! This is truly the best place to get married in Arkansas!

    Spring 2020 Bride

    “My New Friends!”

    I doubt we could have had Kate’s wedding this year without your help.  Moss Mountain truly came through for us, and I will forever be grateful — thank you!

    Summer 2019 Mother-of-the-Bride

    “A Surprise”

    I had no idea P. Allen’s home was in Arkansas — this place is amazing, the pictures do not do it any justice!  Thank you for your hospitality — I have been to many wedding venues in Arkansas over the years–your home is the best.!

    Fall 2019 Guest

    “Job Well Done”

    I thought weddings were supposed to be difficult!  Thank you for your attention to detail and providing a beautiful experience for our family.

    Spring 2018 Father-of-the-Bride


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    23700 Ross Hollow Rd. Roland, AR 72135

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    One of the Most Picturesque Outdoor Garden Wedding Venues in Arkansas

    Moss Mountain Farm Weddings

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