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Unique amongst wedding venues, Moss Mountain Farm is a Ferme Ornée, or in English “an Ornamented Farm”.  This concept has ancient roots and has been used historically to describe a country estate laid out particularly for aesthetic principles and partially for farming.  While rare in America, Ferme Ornées have been implemented throughout the English countryside and notably (if not notoriously) on the Continent at Petit Hameau, Versailles. 

While thousands of miles from the Isle de France, Mr. Smith’s implementation of the Ferme Ornée form at Moss Mountain similarly renders the guest experience as one of leisure, beauty, nature and wonder.   Above the rolling hills of the Natural State, herbs, vegetables, fruit trees, perennials, annuals, pastures, roses, and ancient trees comprise the landscape surrounding the visitor and are always within touch and view.  


A word from Moss Mountain Farm Designer and Owner, P. Allen Smith

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The home of a passionate conservationist

Mr. Smith’s Farm is a template for environmental sensitivity and was conceived from its genesis as an estate beyond the aesthetic. The farm is a work in conservation and ecology is used as the host location for Mr. Smith’s national PBS television shows.  The Farm is also a living, teaching classroom for responsible gardeners and farmers from around the world. Moss Mountain Farm is home to important conservancies for rare roses and at-risk poultry. By choosing Moss Mountain, you assist us with our important conservation work and support our education programs for children, families, and preservationists. Our guests not only enjoy an environmentally-responsible venue, they also enjoy their time at one of the most unique and picturesque properties in the region.

P. Allen Smith presides over one of the more popular locations for ceremonies at Moss Mountain Farm — the Hidden Rose Garden.

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